Banish Crow's Feet and Frown Lines with Expert Botox Treatment

May 24, 2024
Banish Crow's Feet and Frown Lines with Expert Botox Treatment
The fine lines and wrinkles that form around your eyes and across your brow can age you prematurely. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, learn how minimally invasive Botox® treatments can help. 

Wrinkles, creases, and fine lines are common side effects of aging, and they develop in men and women as early as their 30s. 

While these issues aren’t harmful to your health, they can lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. At IV MD in New York City, we specialize in Botox therapy for adults who want to rejuvenate the appearance of their face without surgery. 

Chaim Mandelbaum, MD, follows a personalized treatment plan to smooth out wrinkles and lines with natural-looking results. 

Dr. Mandelbaum can also use Botox therapy to relieve pain and other symptoms of headaches, migraines, and cervical dystonia, a neurological condition that causes your neck muscles to contract involuntarily.

Why you have crow’s feet and frown lines

Frown lines and crow’s feet appear after years of smiling, squinting, and other facial expressions. The muscles you use making expressions cause repeated contractions in the muscles of your brow and around your eyes. Over time, these contracted muscles become less able to relax.

Skin also loses collagen with age. Collagen is an essential protein needed for healthy, firm skin, and your body produces less of it as you get older. Collagen loss results in saggy skin and a reduction in the volume of your upper face.

While these age-related flaws start gradually, they can worsen over time and make you look older than your age.

How Botox therapy enhances your facial features

Botox is a prescription medication that temporarily paralyzes the contracted muscles that contribute to frown lines across the brow and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Dr. Mandelbaum injects precise amounts of Botox into your upper face and scalp. The medication causes the targeted muscles to relax, which also smooths out the skin in the treatment area.

Botox injections take only a few minutes to complete, and Dr. Mandelbaum’s attention to detail ensures your face never looks frozen or unnatural. Side effects of Botox are minimal and may include tenderness, redness, and minor bruising at the injection sites.

Your results can last for several months depending on the severity of your wrinkles. We can provide maintenance injections to keep skin smooth and free of wrinkles as needed.

Ideal candidates for Botox

Botox is safe and effective for adults who are in otherwise good health and are free of infections and skin diseases.

Dr. Mandelbaum evaluates the health of your skin and also discusses your expectations for results to ensure Botox therapy is a good fit for you. Typically, those with moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet are treatable with Botox injections.

We offer topical anesthetics to keep you comfortable during injections. Because treatment times are fast, we can schedule your treatment during your lunch hour, and you can go right back to your usual activities without any downtime.

You may also benefit from the intravenous (IV) vitamin therapies available in-office to nourish your skin from the inside out.

Call our IV MD office in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York, today to learn more about the benefits of Botox therapy for crow’s feet and frown lines. You can also book an appointment online